Onsite and remote (Skype, Facetime) consulting services are available for social, emotional, educational, music learning, and sensory issues. Contact me for more information.

Feedback and Testimonials:

sensory mat

Sensory Bath Mat for use on piano bench and on floor near piano peddles.  Click photo for details.

Nov 8, 2013

Hi Henny,

Using the mat worked like magic for my ADD and autistic clients yesterday. One kid, who used to attack the piano, didn’t do that.  He also stayed in his chair for the most part.  All my students improved in ability to concentrate and attend to tasks.


Shauna Joseph RMT
Registered Music Therapist
Magically Musical, California


RE: Henny Kupferstein’s consultation services

To Whom It May Concern:

With Susan Rancer, RMT - Piedmont, California, April 2013

With Susan Rancer, RMT – and Brandon, Piedmont, California, April 2013

On June 24, 2013 Henny Kupferstein spent the day with my five year old daughter, Ruby, to consult with her ABA therapist, my husband and me.  Henny brings a unique perspective to handling issues that surface when raising a child on the autism spectrum. The best therapist in the world cannot know what goes on in an autistic child’s head, but Henny does. Her ability to troubleshoot sensory issues is uncanny. I understood my own child’s challenges better than ever after one day with Henny.

I look forward to Henny’s next visit so we will all learn more. Without hesitation I recommend Henny’s services to families and therapists. There is no doubt Ruby’s growth and happiness benefited from Henny’s insight.




With Susan Rancer, RMT - Piedmont, California, April 2013

See Patrick Jamming on guitar

Oct 23, 2013

Hi Henny,

Patrick is doing amazing in school this year. His teacher totally believes in inclusion. He started out day 1 with a desk in the general ed 2nd grade class 3 doors down from his special ed class. He is in the gen ed class for math, science and reading plus lunch. All the things you recommended. We are so pleased that they put him there, plus he is doing very well.


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