Playing 4 Chords on Piano

Do you want to play any popular tune on piano in one minute or less?


Tech Talk: In music theory, I-ii-IV-V never let’s you down. In the key of E major, if you play the same four chords over and over again, (E major, F# minor, A major, B major) with inverted chords, you can accompany yourself on the piano in a minute.  Concept by ear:  Left hand typically plays a bassline of Do-Ti-La-Sol in any key = E, D#, C#, B

Plain English: Try playing these simple notes simultaneously (left -and- right):

E -and- E, G#
E -and- F#, A
C# -and- E, A
B -and- D#, A

Instant music!

Although in this clip, I-V-vi-IV is used, the minor second ii sounds way more exotic. Here’s how the pro’s do it:

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