Peer Support with Dr. Henny

The peer mentorship model is really considered for autistic people. The federation for the blind was started by a blind a lawyer who was also a black man. The United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) was of course, also started by a group of people with cerebral palsy. These organizations continue to serve as a safe place for individuals to experience employment opportunities where disability accommodations are de facto provisions.

Autism Speaks is the largest recipient of state and federal grants and their agenda is to fund research aimed at treatment, cures, and early detection. This goes against the grain of autistic culture and does not consider what the people they claim to serve are asking for.

Peer mentorship with Dr. Henny on your schedule and the “Book Online” button will connect you to her calendar, adjusted to your time zone. Cost is $250 for 50 minutes. Please inquire about scholarships and discounts.

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Dr. Henny Kupferstein

Henny Kupferstein, Ph.D., holds an Associates Degree in Human Services, a Masters Degree in Transformative Leadership, is trained in music therapy and earned her Ph.D. in Psychology. In November 2020, she published a pivotal report that supported the $10.3-billion allocation of funds for developmentally disabled people in California to transition to the Self Determination Program (SDP) for July 1st, 2021 [Autistic Communication Support – 5 year Outcome Report (2014-2019)]. 

Dr. Henny is an autistic savant who pioneered an evidence-based piano lesson curriculum that guarantees full and independent movement of all 10 fingers for students with neurological movement disorders (i.e. dyspraxia, cerebral palsy, post-stroke paralysis, etc.). Additionally, she conducts ongoing lobbying and policy reporting for the Doogri Institute, and informs members of the Assembly on ways to meet the needs of their disabled constituents, and laws that lend them to navigate local and state government bureaucracy with positive outcomes.  

In 2020, she published the AGP Model for analysts, pedagogues, and divergent artists. An advocate for humane and ethical research, Henny works tirelessly to disseminate the AGP Model to promote the “I am #ablegrounded” movement for diversity, equity, inclusion, and acceptance. Her research interests include perfect pitch, sensory integration, augmentative communication (AACs), cortical vision impairment, and societal trauma. Henny calls herself the “accessibility queen”; in the spirit of streamlining interpersonal connection, she offers this for people to find her work and contacts through any platform, and all her videos have closed captions. She always says ‘yes’ to bougie avocado toast.  

how to Escape from a Cult of polygamy and Incest — Ask for Insider’s help!

ex polygamist Spies tell the story of how they help their loved ones leave. There are about 6,000 polygamist members of the Kingston clan in Utah, and despite federal trials and imprisonments for incest and sexual abuse for child marriages, this continues to go on. 

If you want to know how to escape a cult or if you need help thinking it through, contact me. I am Dr. Henny and I write letters! click here to find me on every platform

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