Phone calls and email consultations with California DMV Traffic lawyers – March 16, 2021

Phone calls and email consultations with California DMV Traffic lawyers – March 16, 2021 they either refused to take my case because there was no criminal court involved, or because medical suspensions imply that you’re too poor to pay for them.

Vikas Bajaj

San Diego, CA Traffic Tickets Attorney with 20 years of experience

David M. Boertje Esq.

(888) 476-0901

501 W Broadway


San Diego, CA 92101

Referred to:

Sean F. Leslie, Attorney at Law

Spoke to Diana

  • We need to find out first, 
  • Run your situation to see i
  • Don’t need license

Just will explain the situation to attorney leslie and he will get in touch with via email.

Bobby Shamuilian 

(888) 965-4055

  • need a civil attorney who could fight for you
  • We do criminal, i think you need to do (traffic violation) that don’t involve due process 
  • Lawfirm that deal with medical examinations with the dmv. 
  • They fabricated the medical 
  • Medical law attorney – DMV 
  • Medical suspension lawyer (but they refuse cases because assuming we’re penniless “yeah, sigh”)
  • /hung up ‘good luck

David Salvin, serve clients of all ages and throughout California, who have a suspended or revoked California driver license allegedly due to lack of skill or medical conditions 


and l/m 1-800-363-7153

click to read his response and advice

Rob, owner

Oops, lawyer-Rob who owns the California Driver’s Advocates law firm ( says that he doesn’t want to be “abused” when he asked if I am high functioning. Who is malfunctioning now, Rob?
Please enjoy leaving messages on 1-888-281-5244 and share what you said below 🙂

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