Autistic Cyberbullying Sonata No. 2

I have recently dealt with some 🐸 trolls who insisted on LinkedIn that I am a menace 🐲 for asking politely that they consider identity-first labels, πŸ‘‰ given that they were presenting on a professional network as autistic advocates. I also was cyberbullied πŸ‘Ί by an autistic therapist who set up a FaceBook group for other therapists to have a place to discuss 🧠 neurodiversity. This particular group admin attempted to βš”οΈ police me by insisting that I cannot ☣️ call myself a psychologist. When he couldn’t find any actual source βœ… for his rant, and one of the other 1,500 members commented that it’s very specific and not 🎢 general law that he was holding me to, he then slandered me πŸ•πŸ’©πŸŽ± in every comment I posted, warning and cautioning people that I am a danger to them because I am misidentifying πŸ˜‚ and misrepresenting πŸ˜‚.

What My White Coat Means to Me | School of Medicine

(Make sure you’ve also read my previous Sonata of autistics who cyberbully and how Karma crushes that)

I’m been searching for the strangest laws today and couldn’t find anything conclusive. I’m been recently wondering about the use of a white lab coat during online sessions, given the uniform is exclusive for contact with chemicals and biowaste. In my search, I found out that the regulations by state are only specific to regulating who must show up with these uniforms, such as lab students, and are worn by students and teachers of most public primary schools as a daily uniform in countries like Argentina and Spain, while also in the private schools in Columbia. In the United States, lab coats are presumptuously associated with medicine.
/end tangent of cope

The ubiquitous white uniform of Argentine school children is a national symbol of learning.

If anyone wants to scratch my nose again for calling myself a psychologist, I will use my new superpowers acquired in the course (link to Sonata No. 1) of the cyberbullying, which is essentially (to me, at least) a powerful and free vantage point to collect research data to invigorate my learning opportunities. I will always be a student before I am a scholar.
/end processing

Here are my final thoughts about what I am and what I am not. If you earn a doctorate in meteorology, are you allowed to call yourself a meteorologist? If I studied research methods until I was ready to publish my dissertation research that tested a brand new, novel and timely, Able Grounded Phenomenology (AGP): Toward an Ethical and Humane Model for Non-Autistic Researchers Conducting Autism Research, then must I resign to autism as a special interest and exclude my autisticness? I’m not more special than you because I am autistic’er, or because you use rank in an autism medical model as your baseline for measuring the worth of your letters after your name. I’m different than you because I am an autistic psychologist specializing in autism research.

click for accessible PDF

The matter stands on its merit. If you think I should not be allowed to identify as an autistic psychologist, because you assumed I said “clinical”, and you assumed I claimed to be a “clinician” and you decided that you are the whitesplainer’s police force to know your worth only by stepping on your peers, using NT styled rank for ego inflation, then my recommendation to you is that you should consider waltzing into the silo of white man’s academia, and use their standards to continue to learn how to beat them at their game. Until you don’t join me in this comedy, I will have to find better satire material to keep myself entertained.

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