Help Oppose Bill A08711 DMV Autism Mark on NY Driver’s License 

Henny Kupferstein, Ph.D. Candidate, Psychology Rebecca Botta-Zalucki, LMSW

URGENT ACTION: Contact your assembly members and help us oppose the “communication impairment” bill to prevent a DMV autism mark on the driver’s license of autistic adults in New York. We need more sponsors in the state senate who are interested in autism legislation to oppose legislation that does not enhance the quality of life of autistic people in New York.

First, read our letter in opposition submitted November 8, 2019 to Assembly Member Heastie, Speaker. Distribute to friends, family, and professionals who might consider writing a letter in support of our opposition.

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Here’s what else you can do:

  1. Contact your state assembly person and ask them to oppose this bill (list here)
  2. Ask if they are willing to write a letter in opposition of this bill.
  3. Share your personal anecdotes of how this bill affects you and/or your organization.
  4. Share this page on social media, with colleagues, friends, and family. We need the word to get out!

Step Up Your Advocacy Skills!

  1. Contact Carl E. Heastie NY Speaker of the Assembly, and ask him to oppose this bill which is now in the hands of the transportation committee.
  2. Contact the members of the Transportation committee (list here), and ask them to dismiss this bill.
  3. Contact Assemblyman Nader J. Sayegh and tell him why you oppose the bill that he introduced to the Assembly. 


  • Share personal reasons as to why this bill is harmful.
  • Sign our letter in opposition.

3 thoughts on “Help Oppose Bill A08711 DMV Autism Mark on NY Driver’s License 

    • This is absolutely discrimination!!!! No way in hell should label of autism or any other disorder be on a driver’s license

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