Doogri 2018 Holiday Music Piano Competition – $500 Grand Prize


  • $500 Grand Prize
  • $150 Novelty Bonus

First place winners will receive a $500 cash prize from the Doogri Institute and web recognition on the website. A $150 cash prize is awarded for a novelty bonus, to submissions that demonstrate exemplary creativity, such as singing while playing, or added instrumentals. One participant may receive both prizes. All participants will receive a permanent video listing for showcasing their work and public comments.


Submissions begin October 11, 2018 and are accepted through November 29, 2018. Winners will be announced on December 1st, 2018 and prizes will be paid by the end of that business day.


You are required to submit a video recording of yourself playing the specified piece. This year’s selection is the Interfaith Holiday Medley for Intermediate Piano – Holiday favorites in piano medley fusion: Rock of Ages, Maoz Tzur, Angels We Have Heard On High, Little Dreydel, Jingle Bells, Deck The Halls.

Your performance does not need to be memorized. All applicants will be showcased online for the public to “like” and judge with comments. Auditions are virtual and the video submission on the contest page with the most social media votes wins.

Age requirements do not apply to applicant’s age. This competition is open to residents of any location in the world. Students may submit their video with credit to their piano teacher. All submissions automatically authorize our right to use these video submissions for marketing purposes.  


Applicants must request the score for the assigned piece. Please send an email to and specify your intent to enter the 2018 competition. Please make sure to include your name, location, age, and contact information for prize payout. The copyrighted score will be sent to you free of charge, and for your use toward this competition only. The score is otherwise available for purchase.

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