Interactive RPM in Piano Lesson with Coby (6) Non-Speaking Autistic Student

In his first piano lesson, Coby played three songs on the piano, had some fun time with the ‘Ducks’ song, and reassured us that he had a great lesson! Coby is advanced RPM user and spells self-initiated narratives and answers open-ended questions. Learn about RPM (Rapid Prompting Method) here

One year later, Coby is 7 and discusses with deadpan humor about adding emojis to his letterboard. With regard to his tremendous progress with fingering, he says, “Can’t sometimes grasp I am actually playing. My hands are doing it on their own and I don’t even have to think…I greatly am honored you believe in me. Now am totally capable. Now I totally think anything is possible…I always hoped I would get amazing at this and as time is passing I am more confident.”


One thought on “Interactive RPM in Piano Lesson with Coby (6) Non-Speaking Autistic Student

  1. I have never cried so many tears at a website. This is so so moving.
    Henny and City and Mom you have moved me to shuddering tears at your dedication to nurturing the human spirit and helping Coby’s genius and warm heart emerge. A gift to the not yet able to speak (and those that do) everywhere.

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