Interactive RPM in Piano Lesson with Coby (6) Non-Speaking Autistic Student

In his first piano lesson, Coby played three songs on the piano, had some fun time with the ‘Ducks’ song, and reassured us that he had a great lesson! Coby is advanced RPM user and spells self-initiated narratives and answers open-ended questions. Learn about RPM (Rapid Prompting Method) here

One year later, Coby is 7 and discusses with deadpan humor about adding emojis to his letterboard. With regard to his tremendous progress with fingering, he says, “Can’t sometimes grasp I am actually playing. My hands are doing it on their own and I don’t even have to think…I greatly am honored you believe in me. Now am totally capable. Now I totally think anything is possible…I always hoped I would get amazing at this and as time is passing I am more confident.”


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