Sponsor Henny’s workshop presentation at NewCaje 5 in L.A.

Help me raise $1,500 in 30 days, for airfare and conference fees.



Please help me get to the NewCAJE 5: Jewish Educators Conference 2014, August 10-13 in Los Angeles as your personal investment towards the continuity of Jewish Music Education globally. Please take a moment to share my campaign with your networks so that your friends and colleagues can also have the opportunity to participate.

My workshop is entitled A Chassid in Conservatory. I will teach Jewish Educators about my duplicable methodology for teaching sight-reading in the classical tradition as a means for teaching the trope Torah-reading tradition to non-verbal, autistic, and special needs students in time for their Bar/Bat-Mitzvah. Learn more about my work at http://www.hennyk.com.


In many special ed programs, a student with an IEP enrolled in an ensemble will be put in the corner to play the triangle. Yet, these individuals are often the most musically talented in the room. In Jewish private schools, music is understood as extracurricular and rarely included in the budget. The tradition of learning trope should not be passed up in lieu of mastering yet another scholastic skill. Students should begin their music education from the earliest age and gain foundational mastery of theory and aural skills. For students with learning differences, specialized music education goals should take precedence for sustaining this beautiful tradition. Empowering the youth of today strengthens their music leadership for tomorrow.

Tiske L’mitzvot.


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