Reframing Autistic Behavior Problems as Self Preservation: A Freudian View

Autistic disruptive and injurious behaviors are often seen as problematic. Sensory overload significantly distresses the autistic brain and triggers a halt in all cognitive abilities. Oftentimes, such ‘shutdowns’ might even be undetected sub-clinical seizures. Physiologically, the abrupt onset of sensory overload shutdowns are characterized by eye twitching, headaches, rage, and episodes of staring blankly into […]

Autism and Perfect Pitch

The Autism and Perfect Pitch Connection By: Henny Kupferstein. March 23, 2014 I teach autistic and non-verbal individuals to sight-read music for piano in the classical tradition. Using Skype as a conduit for maintaining a global practice, I incorporate musical paraphrasing to validate client expression. The reciprocation of sound teaches the client that they have […]


Shortcut links for this page: Videos to see, Books to read, and Sensory products to try. NEW BOOK! Perfect Pitch in the Key of Autism A Guide for Educators, Parents and the Musically Gifted. Henny Kupferstein and Susan Rancer ASD Professional Network – teachers, clinicians, practitioners Closed FaceBook Group (Administrator: Henny K.) To watch: How RPM Rapid Prompting […]