NYT exploiting cognitively disabled woman to incite post-election anti semitism

3d08aba8d92c60da27cb40772d43fad51Shame on New York Times for exploiting a cognitively disabled person and claim that her view is a representation of a vast majority.

Please support my comment with a “like”: located here https://www.facebook.com/nytimes/videos/10150978983259999/?comment_id=1800825763508857

This tactic of unethical journalism is much like Nazi Germany’s pre-war propaganda which portrayed ugly enlarged features of the “Jude”, caricatures designed to alarm the general population who feared disabled people.

ATTN NYT journalist Deborah Acosta #letstalk host: It is illegal to exploit a cognitively disabled person like Ester Pinkesz for your personal and professional gain and I demand that this video be removed and deleted from your archives in an effort to protect the privacy rights of a vulnerable individual.


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